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 Tranquility Calendar
Calendar 2020
 Writing & Photography by Maryanna Gabriel


Maintaining inner peace in times of change,
the theme for the year ahead.
8.5" x 11" $22.00
 (uncludeds tax) + $3 shipping.
Published by Magic Cottage Creations.



Walking Calendar
SOLD OUT Calendar 2019
 Writing & Photography by Maryanna Gabriel

Maryanna Gabriel

Inspired by walking the Camino in 2017. Beautiful photographs accompanied by prose.
8.5" x 11" $22.00
+ tax & shipping.
 Published by Magic Cottage Creations.

"You write beautifully."
"A precious compilation of your contemplations along the path."
"Appreciating your open and honest thoughts... De-Light-Full!"
"Your photos are as competent as your drawings."

 Picnic Calendar
SOLD OUT Calendar 2017
 By Maryanna Gabriel; Drawings By Maryanna Gabriel & Joy McAughtrie

 My mother and I worked on this calendar together. It comes with recipes and inspirational ideas, as well as picnic protocol for fine living. 8.5"  11"
 Published by Magic Cottage Creations.


About My Mom:
 Joy McAughtrie, was a prolific and versatile artist who was born in Montreal and lived all across Canada with her husband Don and we three children. She studied in Quebec, Ontario, Vancouver, and Mexico where she also taught. Her paintings have been widely exhibited in Canada's major cities in addition to her beloved Red Tree Gallery on Pender Island. Her work resides in private collections throughout the world.

"Your  best yet!"

"...the quotes and illustrations are gorgeous and so endearing."

"... it is the most beautiful thing, the playfulness of it, the lightness of it. Simply stunning... can I order one?"

"Your Mom's and your illustrations really made me smile. The recipes and quotations are great. I really loved it and would enjoy it on my wall to look at each day....
I look forward to placing my order not only for me but for some gifts."

SOLD OUT This Majestic Country
Calendar 2016
 By Maryanna Gabriel; Photography & Writing By Maryanna Gabriel

Last year I set out from the west in answer to a soul's call. I longed to see this country once more. I travelled alone is a camper van with my dog. I was on a pilgrimage of sorts recovering and healing my past for I had grown up in many parts of Canada. Beauty heals and so does time alone. In silence one can hear one's inner voice and many were the whispers. This simple calendar is an abbreviation of this experience in this vast and epic land. 8.5" x 11" $18.00
+ tax & shipping. Published by Magic Cottage Creations.   Sample


"Gorgeous. Just gorgeous."

"March made me weep... you can see forever from there...
You need to know I use your calendars every day... I have kept every one of them."

"Just hung your new yearly calendar up... got to say, it is one of the most satisfying and looked forward to events of the year. Not exaggerating. I really look forward to it, and further, enjoy turning every new monthly page."

"Really lovely. Very poignant. I shall enjoy it through the year."

"It is beautiful."

"... an inspired idea and a wonderful collection of photos that convey a lot... an inspiration..."

"Outstanding pictures... We live in an amazing country and how lovely it is to see it
with pictures taken by you with your words each month."

"I knew that a wonderful calendar would evolve from your cross country journey. So thoughtfully put together!
It is such a special calendar with your unique pictures, your blog excerpts and well chosen quotes."

Maryanna Gabriel Magic Cottage Creations Copyright. All rights reserved.