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Owen's Grandmother And The Little Black Box
For 6 months to 3 years old
Written and Illustrated by Maryanna Gabriel   Review

The exciting tale of a grandmother's adventure with her dog through the countryside as she chases visions of her grandson on a small hand held device. Can Owen save his grandmother? $15.00 
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Also available digitally! Read on the go to your children and grandchildren...
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Memento: A Coastal Recipe Treasure
A Cookbook That Is A Work Of Art 

 By Maryanna Gabriel; Illustrations by Bly Kay

This charming cookbook is a "work of art" with a keepsake collection of original recipes from Canada's Pacific Coast. Bound to appeal to all. $22.00

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Days To Remember: Anniversary Book Of Dates
Yearly Birthday Calendar

By Maryanna Gabriel; Drawings by Bly Kaye

Yearly calendar for recording birthdays, anniversaries and other remembrances. Each month is illustrated by a plant, berry, or flower with prose capturing the season. $10.00

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"For many years, islander and visitors alike have enjoyed the cards and calendars created by cousins Maryanna Gabriel and Bly Kaye. Gabriel's unique recipes and Kaye's charming illustrations are available in a more permanent form in the book Memento; A Coastal Recipe Treasure. Gabriel describes the cookbook as both "a memento or a souvenir" and a commemoration of the coastal landscape...visually appealing, the recipes' text and Kaye's drawings are set in colour against a clean white background... a lovely souvenir of island life."
 Elizabeth Nolan, Driftwood Weekender
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